What is an actuary?

An actuary is a business professional who uses strong mathematical skills to predict, model and track financial risk.

Do I have to be an ASA or FSA to join?

No, membership is available to any actuarial candidate who has passed at least 1 exam (SOA or CAS) and has at least 1 year of experience.

Can I use PAC meetings for SOA Continuing Professional Development credit?

Yes - most of the PAC luncheons do qualify for continuing professional development (CPD) credit.

Determining whether a particular presentation qualifies is the responsibilty of the attendee. See the SOA webpage for details about the CPD program.

What's New

  • Be on the look out for our next meeting. The meetings are open to PAC members and their guests.
  • You can now RSVP for lunch meetings online. Please see the RSVP page for details.

Join the PAC

If you have passed one exam and have one year of experience, become a member of the Portland Actuarial Club.

Simply fill out our new web form.