Joining the PAC

Membership is open to anyone who has one exam and one year of actuarial experience, and the cost of attendance for members is usually carried by their employers.

Process: Complete and submit the form below. Your completed form will be provided to all members for review and comment. You will be informed of the meeting date during which your induction will be voted on by attending members. Attendance is not necessary and voting is by voice vote.

Once your membership is accepted you will be added to the active member roster and a $25 new member fee will be included in your company's bill for the meeting.

Membership Application for PAC

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What's New

  • Be on the look out for our next meeting. The meetings are open to PAC members and their guests.
  • You can now RSVP for lunch meetings online. Please see the RSVP page for details.

Join the PAC

If you have passed one exam and have one year of experience, become a member of the Portland Actuarial Club.

Simply fill out our new web form.